Two easy ways to contact your EXACT talents for your needs
Search for your ideal talents and find your closest matches in an instant. How does it work?

How does it work? Search the Exact! talents you're looking for, while enjoying access to millions of potential candidates from all around the world. Why it works? Because ExactME! is a proactive search engine which allow you to find your closest matched in an instant. You only zone in on the exact candidates you're looking for. Cost and payment Reach the most relevant candidates quickly and cost-effectively. With DiscoverME! you'll pay 1 credit for each talent you'd like to contact. Start Hiring Using DiscoverME!

Expose your vacancies in front of millions of talents. How does it work?

How does it work? You create your AdME! which is a smart wanted ad. You choose job title, skills, location and a short summary related to your job opening. Your AdME! will attract job candidates from your country. Why It works? Now you can advertise to people searching on ExactME!. Your AdME! appears only to top ranked candidate based on your requirements. In this manner you'll get the most mached job seekers for your hiring needs. Cost and payment You'll pay only USD 49.90 for 30 days exposure. You can pay using Paypal or with credit card. Start Hiring Using AdME!

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